I'd love to say that by reading my work you'll live longer, get smarter, and have better sex, but in fact the opposite is probably true. I'll encourage you to live faster, learn how much you don't know, and have crazier sex, some of which will almost certainly not be "better" for you and may actually traumatize you for life. Thank me later.

Schooled in Psych, experienced in travel, obsessed with film, I write about all three plus whatever else lights a fire under my ass. I used to run my own website but wow that was a lot of work, so instead just follow me here and at: https://letterboxd.com/nottheacademy/

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Jeff Light

Physical nomad converted to digital; eating, drinking, reading, and tattooing my way around our little spinning rock. Medellín-based, find me on Letterboxd.